The Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio began its physical establishment in late 2005 as the Yoga Hive Studio in the Summit South Medical building in Atlanta, GA. We have served the South Atlanta community since 2006 and we are honored to have been the first ("AA) yoga studio in South Atlanta. We are excited to see that number change and the offerings of yoga, meditation and other healing modalities become more prevalent in South Atlanta.

We are located in Hapeville, GA. right across from the Delta Headquarters in the Virginia Crossings building. Although our location has changed our mission and vision is the same. Our mission is to share the awesome benefits of cultivating the body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga and other healing modalities.  That's exactly what we have been doing for over 15 years.  We serve as an informative online and accessible resource for the community.

Our objective to promote and offer "practical" practices for healthy living. We simply help cultivate a healthy connection with your mind, body, and spirit by sticking to the basics and meeting you right where you are. Our focus is the mature body that needs experienced attention and proper navigation of movement that promotes, supports and facilitates healing while being mindful of its present state.

Our studio has become a comfortable environment that nurtures the "Improving Health through Community Relationships" philosophy. We are here to serve you. We welcome your presence and appreciate your support.

Our services are for everyone and not based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, shape, size, weight, or status.  Actually, this is what makes the Yoga Hive so unique.  We have intergrated classes with all ages, color, gender, religion and economic backgrounds.  We all respect and support each others presence.  The young are encouraged by the older students and the younger are inspired by the older students.  Everyone gets to do their work and oh the insight and love that happens is priceless.

If you are new to yoga or its been a while since you have connected with your practice, join us as we create sacred space within.

We currently do not have classes for children or offer childcare services at the studio. We will assist you in structuring a yoga program at you facility for children.


Yoga for kids:

Please contact  Tajuana F. Blakley of Tiny Yogis  @ 845-445-9645 for information on classes especially geared for ages 2-12.  Visit  tinyyogis.com for more info.