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Finally, after thousands of years, a stick incense burner that puts your

incense out when you want it out. With our special sliding block

feature, your incense will self-extinguish at any point you desire along

the incense stick.

Zensense is the most effective way to burn

stick incense and a beautiful addition to your home decor.Easy to care

for... There is little to no maintenance required to keep your Zensense

Incense Burner functioning properly. Cleaning is simple: dump the ashes

often, clean the block's grommet with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol

occasionally and for a sticky block, wash the tray with warm water, dry

immediately and add a bit of Murphy's Oil Soap.


While steps have been taken to ensure product safety, always keep lit

incense away from children and pets. Product should be placed on level

surface and utilized when able to supervise. Direct flame should not

touch burner or block.

Directions - 1. Place Incense Burner on a

level surface 2. Slide incense stick through block with lighting end on

the grommet side 3. Secure opposite end of incense stick by guiding it

into the tappered hole at the back end of tray until the incense stick

sits level or is wedged in place 4. Once the incense has been lit and

de-flamed, so only the ember remains, slide the block to a desired point

along the incense stick. The incense will go out when it burns down to

the block. SEE HOW IT WORKS on YouTube! Search - Zensense the Amazing

Incense Burner.

Zensense, the Amazing Incense Burner is a product of ZenBurner Enterprises, LLC

US Patent Pending US Trademark 1998 All Rights Reserved.

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