Yerba Santa Smudge Stick 4"L Mini (Pack of 3)

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Yerba Santa

Burn it within your smudging practice to help with your spiritual journeys, and in seeking your innermost self or deep, spiritual cleansing. It is said to strengthen the mind, and lead to trust and inner growth. Traditionally used for enhancing psychic abilities, magical protection, healing and spiritual strength. Excellent for meditation and divination. Smudge Sticks have been used historically by Native Americans and other cultures for traditional cleansing, purification and protection offering.

Use Yerba Santa Smudges to help purify mind, body & spirit before prayers or other religious ceremonies, to help cleanse the air and purify the atmosphere, and to help remove negative energy. Also good for cleansing stones, pipes, feathers and other craft items. Smudge Sticks burn without the need of charcoal or other burning aids. Just light the larger end, blow out any flame, let smolder, offer it to the four corners of the universe and enjoy!

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