Diffuser- Tear Drop Candle Diffuser

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Gorgeous Porcelain Tear Drop Oil Warmer

This porcelain essential oil warmer/diffuser has a very simple and beautiful design. The tear drop "bowl" holds a generous amount of water and essential oil suspended over a tea light candle's warming flame. The flame gently diffuses your favorite essential oil or blend into the room.

What makes this oil warmer unique is that the tear drop is such a generous size; many candle diffusers last about an hour before the water and oil needs to be refilled. This one can keep diffusing for a longer period since the bowl is so much deeper. We do recommend the beeswax tea light candles for these since they last so much longer than the paraffin kind.

To use, simply place water in the the tear drop and then add 10-15 drops of essential oil. Light a tea candle and the essential oils will diffuse into the space.

Porcelain warmer with a metal stand, measures 4" diameter x 7 5/8" high

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