Complete Healthy Feet Kit Gift Set

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How to Use:
Drop foot soak crystals into a foot bath or basin filled with warm water. Soak feet and legs for 5-10 minutes to soften feet. Massage a little foot scrub onto feet and ankles, then gently use Foot Scrubber on bottoms of feet. Rinse well and moisturize with foot cream all over the foot and ankles. Apply a thin coat of shea butter balm to dry skin and problem areas like heels, balls of feet, nails and cuticles.

Why it Really Works:

  • Revitalizing Foot Soak Crstyals: Sea Salt helps detoxify and stimulates skin. Epsom Salts help relieve pain and soreness, and helps draw toxins from the body.
  • Exfoliating Foot Scrub: Has a whipped aloe cream base instead of soap base like most other scrubs, so it moisturizes while it exfoliates. We use a high-quality, very evenly ground form of pumice that gently exfoliates without being too rough.
  • Foot Scrubber: Terra cotta is fired in a kiln, so it never wears out. The "pumicey" texture works to gently scrub away dry skin, and the "washboard" side helps polish skin.
  • Nourishing Foot Cream: Aloe Vera helps reduce inflammation, swelling and redness. Comfrey Extract works to soothe skin and helps heal skin irritations. Jojoba Oil soaks deep into skin as a super efficient moisturizer, one of the oils our bodies accept very well.
  • Shea Butter Balm is a superb moisturizer and emollient that seals in moisture and softens skin. Vitamin E is a natural preservative and a powerful antioxidant that soothes skin.
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