Settle Into Stillness Settle Into Stillness unites the healing power of deep relaxation with sacred sound. Settle Into Stillness was founded by Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak, who met in 2011 and began traveling around the world together, sharing their passions of yoga and music through their Sound Journey events. Settle Into Stillness combines different world music instrumentation such as the handpan and didgeridoo with elements of gong baths and crystal singing bowls, creating an offering that remains entirely unique amongst today’s mindfulness-based musical offerings.


  • What time should I arrive?

You may arrive anytime after 6:00 p.m.  The concert will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.  No admittance after 6:55 p.m.

  • What should I wear?

Your most comfortable wear.   You will be lying down on a mat or seated. Nothing to tight or restricting. The best position for a sound bath is reclining.  We have mats available, bolsters and blankets.  However, we would appreciate if you would bring your own favorite pillow and blanket or wrap.

  • Will there be food?

No, please eat 30 min - 1 hour prior to attending.  Treat your sound bath experience just as you would a yoga class.  You don't want to be to full.  This is a time to settle into your stillness, be present and clear.

  • I am unable to lay down on the mat.  How will that work for me?

We will have some chair participants.  You still may want to have your favorite pillow, blanket or wrap.

  • May children attend ?

While some children may enjoy such an event we recommend ages 16 and up.


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