What is yoga? For us it’s the union, the exploration, the experiencing, the evolution of the wholeness of you. The mind, body and spirit acting (behaving) and being in harmony.

What kind of yoga do you teach here ? We offer several styles of yoga. Most all styles of yoga utilize the same postures. The difference is the areas of focus, speed, and timing that is acquired and performed/experienced with each posture series. Our basic teaching draws from the classical and hatha yoga styles. We offer Restorative, gentle, power, yoga therapy and meditation. Visit our class schedule page for each class description.

What should I wear? Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Try to avoids belts, buttons and zippers. Any material that allows you to bend and stretch comfortably is good.
Do I have to take my shoes and socks off? Shoes,YES! Socks, Now that’s totally up to you. It is much better when you do and you will probably want to later. We will let you make that decision. Ladies we have some really cute yoga socks and you are welcome to purchase them before or after class.

Do I need to register before I come to a class? So far we have been able to accommodate everyone present.  At some point we may need to go to a system of registration but for now walk-in's are still welcomed. We encourage you to begin and maintain your practice. If not with us, please find a qualified teachers to work with you.

What should I bring? A willing heart to experience your practice. We will always have loaner mats available for our new students. We encourage you to bring or purchase your own, so you will continue your practice at home as well. You may also bring water if you like. We provide water for you and you are welcome to fill your personal water bottle to remain hydrated during your class.  Mat wipes are available for you and we ask that you clean your mat after use.  Give the mat a few seconds of drying time and roll it up and return it to the mat

No sales transaction will be made during class time.
What if I can’t do all that stuff? What stuff? We teach real yoga here for real people. No matter what size, shape, level of physical fitness, we want to help you explore you and find out what you can do. If you can breath you can do yoga. As a matter of fact, we focus on the art of breathing the life back into the mind, body and spirit. Come explore, experience and evolve with us. We welcome you.