Welcome to Yoga Hive Studio and Wellness. Your yoga practice will begin on the mat but will not end there. Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional yoga instructions and offer you an opportunity to get to know your body better, learn to listen to it and respond accordingly.

The success of your yoga practice is not based on how well you can bend, stretch or wrap your foot around your neck. The success of your practice is based on your being fully present while, exploring, experiencing and allowing yourself to evolve. Yoga is a science that is designed to meet you right where you are.

We help you discover more of what you can do and not focus so much on what you can’t. Your spiritual, mental and physical fitness can be empowered by incorporating yoga as a part of your lifestyle.

We offer you several ways to study Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi to include regularly scheduled group classes, private sessions, posture clinics, workshops and special events. Often, people will combine a group class with a private session(s). This creates an opportunity for more effective or intensive experiences.

We have also built excellent partnership of wellness services that extend beyond our doors. Our network of providers share the same passion, drive and integrity. We are known and connected to quite a few but we only partner with the best.

Our studio has become the perfect place for the Boomers. You know who you are! Welcome Home.

Mechelle Davis, C-IAYT, ERYT, RCYT, YACEP, Yoga Nidra | Awak{end} Sleep™