AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER IN A BOX (70 cards, boxed) by Strayer, Anne

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Affirmative Prayer focuses on positive outcomes, shifts life experiences, and releases negative thought patterns. This colorful 70-card deck created by Anne Strayer intuitively guides you through each step of affirmative prayer. Inside this box are thousands of unique prayer combinations. Playing and praying with these cards is a fun and easy way to incorporate prayer into your life. Regular use of the cards provides enlightenment and takes you to the next level of your spiritual evolution. The cards are intuitive, flexible, transforming, and beneficial for co-creation.

Affirmative Prayer in a Box:

- helps you learn to pray in a positive manner

- teaches you the basics of the spiritual mind treatment

- aids in creative visualization, meditation, and visioning

- gently guides you to your highest good

- creates a life of balance and harmony

- takes you to the next level of your spiritual evolution

- provides enlightenment for personal self-mastery

- expands your consciousness!

Ministers, practitioners, and students love Affirmative Prayer In A Box!

"Each card moves the prayer process along like a powerful energetic stepping stone!" - Terri H.

"Thanks for sharing this exciting opportunity! I see this as a great tool for a class and a gift to the students! I ordered a 10 pack to use in teaching SMT. Thanks again!" - Prayer Practitioner, Florida

"The Spiritual Prayer Cards are an incredible tool to learn how to apply affirmative prayer and spiritual mind treatment to your spiritual practice. As a novice to these methods, the cards helped me feel comfortable implementing them into my daily routine. Thank you Anne for your insight and for being part of my spiritual journey." - K. Wilcock, Ohio

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